I started modelling in 2016, when I just turned 15 years old, my mum had put in a photo of me just standing in my kitchen to an add on Facebook, that a photographer had put up about needing a model. I found out that I got the shoot the next day, I went and did my best even though I had zero modelling experience. a few weeks after my mum and I got a message from the photographer  that the shoot had been published and got front cover in an american magazine called Empower and that’s how my modelling started.

From then modelling has taken off, I was surprised about how many people wanted to work with me, my whole experience has just been amazing, I love all the different people, clothes, shoes, makeup, jewellery, it would be impossible for me to pick a favourite. All together I have been published 18 times all over the world,done 6 catwalks, 5 Italian Vogues, 2 British Vogues, at only 16 years old. I am so honoured to have done all this and met so many amazing people at such a young age, I couldn’t have done all of this with out my mum shes always supported me, taken me to my shoots, bought every single one of my magazines, helped me practice my poses and catwalks, she’s my number 1 fan.

I’ve never been one to follow everyone else, I have my own kind of style, I always try to look my best, I could never leave the house in tracksuit top and bottoms, when I go out I always put on trousers or jeans with a nice top, I wear dresses or trouser suits if i’m going out to dinner. I love to wear makeup and do other peoples makeup, but I try not to wear it unless i’m going out for dinner or an evening meeting friends, sometimes a little eyeliner at college lol. Also I hardly ever wear trainers out side of the gym or flat shoes, I love heels!!, my friends say to me that they always know when i’m coming as they can hear my heels on the floor. I’m also in love with huge fake fur coats!!!,my favourite designers are Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger and one of my goals would be to walk for all of them on the catwalk.

I’m in my first year at college i take Performing arts, English and Maths, I try to study in the week so at the weekend i can do modelling, my classes are very important to me as in the future i would like to become a top model/actress, so hopefully when i turn 19 i would have passed all my classes, and would have made it to stage school,I’m also lucky to be represented by an acting agency.

I do workout I go to the gym where i see my personal trainer 3 times a week I also go swimming a few times a week, my mum and I like to take the dogs down the beach at the weekends if i’m not shooting, I also try to keep a good diet of fish, meat,veg, salad,water and fresh juice. I don’t eat a lot of dairy because its bad for my skin. I go to Aspects Beauty House to get my nails done, face/body scrubs, face masks, so that my face doesn’t break out in spots and so my nails and skin are prefect for shoots or catwalks.

So far modelling has been amazing, I cant wait for what 2018 will bring, I already know I have lots of up and coming catwalks and at least 3 shoots to come out from the end of 2017 and lots booked for 2018 its going to be an amazing year.

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