Discover Early Morning Exercises For A Healthier You

Feel amazing and look amazing at the same time!

HELLO guys, lol

i mean ladies

It’s a brand-new day so it’s time to rise and shine, ladies! Most of us wake up bleary-eyed and groggy but feeling great at the beginning of your day can do wonders for the rest of it. You’ll be more positive and more confident! A simple way to jazz yourself up is by exercising.

I know what you mean, exercising is tiring and unglamorous. But not anymore! Since wellness and body positivity is what many women are advocating for nowadays, the fashion industry has answered in kind.

It’s true that if we work out, we’ll still get a little worn out; but now we’ll look fashionably tired! Here are 5 easy morning exercises you could do and how you can still look stylish while doing them!


  1. Stretch the stress away!

One trending form of exercise today is yoga. It may look simple but after a few poses, your muscles will be complaining! However, it will help you feel content and refreshed afterward. Since you’ll be stretching most of the time, a great item to wear during a session is yoga pants.

Yoga pants are skin-tight and very flexible so you won’t have a hard time moving. Plus, it’s also a cute and comfy alternative to denim when going out. You can pair it up with any kind of top you want, sleeveless or cropped!


  1. Wow in the waves!

A great way to get your whole body moving is by swimming laps for about 30 minutes each day. Your arms and legs will be hard at work, pulling and kicking; and your core would also be put to the test. It’s tiring, we know, but look on the bright side! You’d get to wear cute and sexy swimwear!

There are so many types of swimwear to choose from. A safe option would be to sport on a simple one-piece. But you can level it up by choosing to wear a saucy monokini. Another amazing choice would be a halter top bikini. You’ll have the support you need while still showing some skin!


  1. Step up the sexy!

Running for 20 to 30 minutes each morning can help you stay fit and feel positive. Plus, think of all the beautiful scenes you’d go through! And running around your town is the perfect way to showcase your wonderful workout gear.

A simple sports bra and a pair of relaxed jogging pants is a nice combination. If you’re not up to showing too much skin, a cropped shirt is also a chic alternative. But if you live somewhere cooler, jackets will keep you warm! A windbreaker is a trending piece if you want to look great while running.


  1. Bring in the beat!

If you’re a huge lover of music, then dancing a few songs each morning will prove highly enjoyable to you! Bust out your moves and bring out your great fashion sense. Pants cropped tops, skirts, and dresses are great choices for dancing.

Think of how your beautiful long dresses can accentuate your moves, making you look sexy and therefore, feel confident! And if you’re thinking that dresses are too feminine for athleticism, there are new designs specially made for dancing and working out. Sweatshirt dresses are a great example of this!


Whatever exercise you can think of, we’re sure you’ll find amazing fashion pieces to wear for all your activities! And you don’t even have to stick to basic colors like black, white, and gray. They might be trending, but pastels and brights are amazing as well. You can even make your own statement by wearing patterned athletic wear like vintage retro and floral! At the end of the day, what’s important is that you feel and look amazing! So, let’s start exercising, ladies!

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