Me Against the Runway – London Fashion Week 2018 – Katie Gould

I had an amazing time at LFW AW18, it started on Friday 16th February that morning we had to leave for London early to get to the beautiful house we were staying in. After going for a lunch/dinner with friends we made our way to the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London where House Of Ikons was being held. We had to be there early for fittings. After getting fitted in beautiful clothes, I had my schedule I was walking for 7 designers, after catching up with friends and (CEO) @house-of-ikons-official @savitakaye who was hosting the show!! this February! we headed back to the house.
On Saturday we had an early start had to get to the venue for 7:45am, once we got there we grabbed breakfast then it was up to the makeup room to get my makeup and hair done by House Of Ikons sponsors @bryanna_angel_mua and her team @mvmacademy, then I waited for rehearsals to start, we all walked down the catwalk in the order of the show and to the designers songs, after this we all had a break, Grabbed some food then I went straight to the makeup room to get my makeup touched up.
We had to be dressed by 2:45pm for the afternoon at 3:30pm I was in the opening afternoon show walking for @ademandalicelondon where i wore a beautiful pink dress with a dropped back where you could see pink flower print on the inside of the dress complemented with a black waistcoat and Adam and Alice Logoed scarf, For @Jenniferwhitedesigns I wore a gorgeous long black tight dress with tiny pink flowers on with a slit up the back it had a ruffle top with matching belt,
For @mimiparrelpimentel I wore an amazing draped top that was embroidered with flowers and leaves it had trousers to match both in stunning Gold. I also I had the opportunity to walk out with this amazing designer @mimiparrelpimentel .
After the afternoon show we got another break I went and got some food and I got my hair and makeup retouched, The evening show started a 6.30pm and my first designer was @shenannz wearing a beautiful long black and white pleated dress with slits up the sides, on the left shoulder there is a lovely handmade design that flows down the front and back, also it had black and white striped cuffs and a matching belt, I also wore black and white trousers with the same handmade design on the bottom on the right leg , For @desighedbyjosh who is a very talented young man at only 12 years old! I was in a fabulous silk blouse in a tiger pattern with attached neck tie with a knee length black pencil skirt and a stunning black and gold reversible jacket, Walking for @Jolie i had on black leggings and a white sleeveless silk top, with a black coat that was covered in shiny black crystals all over the front and back with long hanging sleeves and a lace trim around the bottom of the coat it was amazing! with this, I also wore a long black scarf around my head with grey detail at the bottom.

@aandreidavid was the finale and I got to wear a beautiful Burgundy fishtail dress The top was lacy with a criss cross pattern in velvet, the mane body of the dress was Burgundy velvet it was gorgeous the bottom of the dress fanned out to make it swish around the bottom half of my legs also it had a Burgundy hanging bow that fell from just above my knee, to top the look off I carried a Burgundy and gold clutch bag with a leaf design and wore a ruby and gold tiara! (Queen).It was a long and busy day but I loved every minute the clothes where beautiful. House of Ikons is more like my extended family, from Models, designers, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, Dressers, helpers, DJs and the management team and not forgetting the lady that puts it all together CEO @savitakaye. I’ve made some great friends since last September. And got to wear some beautiful clothes made by very talented people. London fashion week is Ikonic!! the buzz the hustle and bustle are like nothing you can describe! But I wouldn’t be anywhere else! Can’t wait for September SS18 LFW see you all there!

(photo credits: IG @pardesiphoto

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