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Fashion is nothing without the creative expression of a stylist, few understand the hard work that goes behind the scene of a perfectly built campaign or editorial. Daniel Baora caught up with fashion stylist SAMUEL IFEOLUWA here is what he had to say

You have worked with several streetwear brands, which of these would you recommend for people who are not familiar with style?

Ans :
Well, I wouldn’t say I have worked with familiar big brands far and wide, it’s really been more of the local breeds here. Personally, for me, I like poparti, Modav, and carly wears. Their distinctive style does it for me.
Recently, streetwear has seen an increase in popularity, What are your thoughts on the mixing of streetwear as high fashion, especially as seen on the runway this past season?
 Ans :
Runway stylists can be very tricky and fluid. In the sense that, they often embrace finessing and “ fine art “ just to pacify the art of runway fashion, in which half the times is a little bit on the edge for your daily wardrobe consumption. Recently, streetwear has somehow circumvented to high-fashion scenery especially with the footwork and sorts— of which, I must say, is undeniably a joy to behold.45540776-AE8D-4636-815A-31D4C7F14804
We are huge fans of Orange culture for both men and women’s wear; no doubt he will continue to impress us with his innovative aesthetic. Which other designers, artists, or models inspire your personal style?
 Ans :
Maxivive is as creative as disruptive at the same time and I’m proud to witness his new generational movement. Mannythegoat is a notable mention too. Great guy!
Tell us about your recent collaboration. How did this collaboration begin and what are the brands signature style?
Ans :
Err, my most recent collab would be the launch of Hype&SteamNG; a UK shopping website that delivers items here in Nigeria — great isn’t it?!
I have always been a fan of UK Fashion picture you know.4527491D-7F6F-4D56-9864-A7E080FA0305
Which are your favorite pieces from the collection?
 Ans :
Err the Ribbed Tracksuit.6D6D81D0-5224-4BFB-BBCD-74784067B16A
Finally, tell us how you got your start in fashion and of any future collaboration we should expect to see.
Ans :
I started as a writer for a couple fashion blogazines, later dived into personal blogging. I’m a currently a stylist and personal shopper.
What do you think?

Personally, I think he has earned himself a name amongst the best in the country,

Do feel free to share your comment and opinion in the column below

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