Who Am I?


What is my purpose?

Is there any purpose?

Am I a piece in this puzzle?

Is there even any puzzle?

What do I do right, what do I do wrong?

Is there even a right, what is the wrong?

Alive because am told its important,  alive because am told if I lose myself am into an eternal fury

It frights!

Growing and told I have to do it all right

I tried.

It gets to me.

It all gets to me.

These words am saying are so you would see how it all feels

To see not how am feeling, but how we all feel?

But how do we all feel?

Are there even any feelings?

Am losing myself says, Thomas,

I’ll leave he says,

Please don’t go.

I know this hurts you,

But I have to survive.

You have to survive.

We have to.

Please stay.


Written by BADE FUWA

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