Year 3098

Image result for ai robotwould mankind be able to query itself in its race to space domination?


I have a story, I have a plan.

god if he exists well sure he does if not how did we get here? sounding like something in a rick and Morty  episode )

placed us here on earth, but would god be in human form? wouldn’t he transpose to highly unquantifiable beam of light invisible to human form, only amongst his species, meaning there cannot be only one god, but one put us here or perhaps it was teamwork of gods and one god took all the credit?

Neil-Harbisson_by-Carlos-Gonzalez_resized.jpgmy point is mankind cannot exist in space because we are slaves to death, so how do we conquer death? how do we preserve human consciousness?

(to preserve yourself and your memories would you be willing to have an implant that records every feeling every memory every sadness every joy from your birth to your reawakening well, of course, this would be uploaded to a new sleeve a better form of you that can live forever)

from the death of one brings to the awakening of another but he won’t be in human form, he would be able to live forever he would be made up of materials that can travel into space without being a slave to death, hunger, sleep or sex he would be a …

Image result for robot ai

written by yours truly Bade Fuwa 🙂


here’s my Instagram badefuwa

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